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Time:04:48 am
I've begun to make plans to go back overseas for a proper stay. It'd help if I'd worked out a budget for it all of course, but I'm planning on leaving in August and I'm not exactly psychic. I'm playing around though with a 12k figure, which I think isn't too unreasonable. That however isn't factoring in things I'll want like a laptop, or anything else I'll need.

I'll very likely be looking for a place to live in Vancouver, but before I get there I want to stop over and visit some of the many friends I have in Atlanta, Texas, California, Ohio, a couple places in Ontario (y r u so big Ontario? y??), and several other places I want visit just to see while I'm passing though. Where I end up though will depend on the sort of visa I end up getting. I pretty much have a reliable option of getting a 1 year working visa, which doesn't need anything special to obtain, but one year is hardly worth getting settled over there with. A temporary residence is what I'd like the most, but I need a job over there lined up before I can apply, and I'm no sure where to begin with that.

On Monday I call the embassy, and hopefully that will give me some facts to work with. Whatever happens I'm leaving in August, so thats my deadline to get all my shit together.
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Time:11:47 pm
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Time:10:25 pm
So I'm back from my trip to the States and Cananda, and I have to say that I'm glad I went. It's somewhat disaapointing to be back already, but I suppose it was going ot happen eventaually. I was really not ready to go back to work though, so I gave myself an extra week and a half off and didn't let the fuckers know I was back in the country. Normality has resumed now of course which makes me hate the shithole more.. I honestly might have the modivation to get myself out of that rut and get myself in a job people could respect themselves in.

Anyway, that shit aside the trip went remarkably well, and other than that one night in Atlanta when I got more drunk than I've ever been in my whole life there were no hiccups or hinderences whatsoever. The plane there was nightmareish since I honestly has no idea exactly what a 20 hour flight does to you (next time I travel on a flight that long I will *not* be flying in ecomony again - no fucking way), but the hospitality I was shown in Atlanta really made the difference.
Atlanta is a weird city. I mean I knew it would be different, being part of the bible belt and all, but jeez.. it really is another world down there. That said though my hosts knew the coolest places to take me, and I had a bloody good time (even if I drank way more than I should have). John Butler Trio were playing in a music hall the same night that we were there, and I insisted upon seeing them which pretty awesome seeings I'd missed out in seeing them in Sydney three times already. I really wish I could have stayed longer with my friends there (they are some of the craziest guys I have ever had the pleasure to associate myself with), but I caught a plane to Toronto three nights later.

Toronto airport is big. And confusing. And desolate. I didn't like it, and I found the plance to be a pretty intimidating greeting to what I imagined would be a much more friendly Canada. I didn't stay in Toronto that day however, and was picked up by a bus and was taken to North Bay where my next stop would be. The bloke I was staying with here was more or less the main destination that the trip was based upon, because I had been given the impression that it would be a real centeral location for seeing the rest of Ontario and New York, and that the place would be some sort of batchlor pad. I felt instantly uncomfortable when I found that my assumpions were unfounded, but it worked out okey because I had fun just buggering around every day sleeping into the late afternoon each day. Once again it was the overwhelming hospitality of the family I stayed with that made the difference, and I'm glad that I stayed (even if we really did do sweet fuck-all for nearly 3 weeks).
Two days before I was to leave Ontario I had a oh-shit-I'm-nearly-out-of-time panic attack, and had a very unorganised rush to a greyhound which took me to Ottawa when I caught up with an old dear friend, got lost in confusing city, and drank a pan-galactic gargleblaster in one of the coolest bars I've ever been to. I was staying in a haunted ex-gaol-turned-hostel place for two nights, but not before having an extremely expensive and satisfying meal in a French resteraunt, where I was waited upon by two of the single most attractive girls I have ever seen in my entire life.
Ottawa was a city of indulgence.

My final destination was Vancouver where I stayed my final week, and I have to say if I were to want to live in any of the places I visited, it would be there. It's heard to stay why exactly, but it's basically a lot like Syndey, minus the in-your-face yuppie wank. Not that it wasn't there.. but it just seemed more on the level.
The things I remember about Vancouver are that the whole city smelt like pot, the food is good and affordable, the parking was rough and expensive, and it seemed like the people who lived there were pleasently bohemian.
The guys I were staying with there too were of course, utterly cool, and I had a hell of a lot of fun with them. I have never laughed quite as hard as some of those nights we stayed up talking shit and drinking beers as I have before in my life. Like everywhere I visited, I wish I coulda stayed there longer.

Anyway. Thats the bare bones of the trip, and the details of the matter are my own to keep to myself. I'm glad I went, I didn't want to stop traveling, and I'm already planning another trip in my mind now.
This time I'll do it properly and get a working visa.
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Time:09:17 pm
My trip to America + Canada

Monday 3rd April
Depart: Sydney Terminal 1 [12:40]
Arrive: Chicago Terminal 1 [20:03]
Journey Time: 20 hours 23 minutes (going to need a really fucking big SuDoKu book or something)

Depart: Chicago Terminal 2 [21:00]
Arrive: Atlanta Terminal North [23:47]
Journey Time: 1 hour 49 minutes.

Thursday 6th April
Depart: Atlanta Terminal North [13:00]
Arrive: Toronto Terminal 2 [15:15]
Journey Time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Thursday 27th April
Depart: Toronto Terminal 1 [20:00]
Arrive: Vancouver Main-Central [21:57]
Journey Time: 4 hours 57 minutes

Monday 1st of May
Depart: Vancouver Main-Centeral [18:05]
Arrive: San Francisco [20:19]
Journey Time: 2 hours 14 minutes

Depart: San Francisco [22:43]
Arrive: Sydney Terminal 1 [06:25] (3rd of May)
Journey Time: 14 hours 42 minutes

Good thing I fucking well like take-offs.
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Time:12:18 am
1. Started the new job two weeks ago. It's about a quarter of the size of my old store, and seems to have the work place enviroment of a circus. Which suits me completely fine - I'm working the same hours I was before, but instead of slaving myself all night I just fuck around till 11pm and go home.
The customers we get too - jeez. I've never seen so many clueless deadbeat junkie bogans shuffling around aimlessly in all my life. It's like a scene for a John Romerio movie or something. And every last one of them wants to know where the fucking 'Deb' is kept. To think I was brought up in the Eastern Suburbs..

2. My guild in World of Warcraft finally killed Lucifron in Molten Core. About god damn time too. That prick has been mocking us for months. Magmadar is next on Tuesday, provided the bastard of a server doesn't go down on us again.

3. We've been living here for about 3 months now and it still feels like we're settling in. We still havent got any furniture in any of the rooms, our kitchen is lacking some of the most basic utensils of cooking, and we only got around to mowing the lawn a few days ago (and when I say that, I mean it cost $140 to have someone cut it for us). I'm getting fed up with it, because I'd like a lounge room to veg out in when I'm sick of sitting in my room. Which I've been doing for 3 months now. People serve prison sentences for shorter than that.
I need to get out more.
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